The meaning of the word "Allah"


 The word Allah is the greatest and the most comprehensive of the divine names, according to some scholars, it is the great name (according to the traditional Hadith), the great name carries with it such a benediction that a prayer is granted when this word has been uttered.              

 Allah Azza wa Galla says in Surat Maryam aya 65: "the lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever lies between them, so worship him and be constant in his worship, do you know anyone worthy of his name?".  

 In the generally accepted sense "name" the word applies to persons bearing the same name, the polytheists and idolaters had included many humans, angels, stones, and idols along with Allah Azza wa Galla in their worship but none of their false gods ever named as Allah, thus the literal meaning of the word would adequately explain the meaning of this verse which is that there is no object in the world bearing Allah's name.

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