The meaning of "The King".

 The King is one of the beautiful names of Allah, Almighty, and it has been mentioned 5 times in the Holy Quran as an attribute of Allah, but it could refer to someone other than Allah, for Allah Says in Surat Yusuf: "and the king said bring him to me'', the king here refers to the king of Egypt.

 The king could refer to someone other than Allah as the same as the word "lord", it can be used to refer to someone who has authority to lead, it can be said lord of home, lord of work, and other objects. But when the term lord came without an object, here it only refers to Allah, the One.

 The two attributes has been mentioned in Surat An-nas, in addition to the attribute "God", where Allah describes Himself by: the Lord of people (mankind), the King of people, and the God of people. The accompaniment of the three attributes is to make a clear description of Allah, that if it would to be a king of an area or a lord of wealth or work or home, but there is the King of all people, and the Lord of all people, and He is only worthy to be worshiped. So the attribute the God of people came after these attributes directly.

 No one else but Allah has the three attribute at the same time, He is not only the King, the Lord, and the God of mankind, but also He is to everything in the heavens and to everything on the earth, He has created everything, and everything belongs to Him.

 When Allah said in Surat Alfatiha ''the Lord of the worlds", He means the Lord of worldly life, and the Lord of  the hereafter, and it also refers to the lord of the heavens, and the earth for Allah says in Surat Ash-shu'raa when Pharaoh (Fir'awn) asked the Prophet Moses (Musa): what is this the lord of the worlds?, Prophet Moses replied: the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them if you should be convinced (you are to have faith and believe in Him). 

 Thus, these three attributes are very exclusive to Allah, and reflects His divinity, sovereignty, and lordship, if there is someone has sovereignty of a county or a specified place , and has lordship at the same time, he can not has divinity anyway. 






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