114- Surat Alnas  

6 verses - Makki (revealed in Mecca)

A'auzu Bellahi mena ash-shytani ar-rajim

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan

Bismi Ellahi Ar-rhmani Ar-rahim

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Qul a'auza be-rabbi alnas (1).
Say I seek refuge in the Lord of people.

Maliki alnas (2).
The King of people.

Illahi alnas (3)
The God of people.

Min sharri alwaswasi alkhannas (4).
From evil of the whisperer, who disappears repeatedly.

Allazi youwaswisu fi suduori alnas (5).
Who whispers into the breasts of people.

Mina aljinnati wa alnas (6).
From among the jinn and people.

Simplified interpretation:

 Surat Alnas and Surat Alfalaq (Mu'awwazatain) are two Surahs that afford protection against afflictions whether it was spiritual or physical where Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as narrated by Aisha whenever He became sick, He would recite Mu'awwazatain (Surat Alfalaq and Surat Alnas), and then blow his breath over His body. And when He became seriously ill, Aisha used to recite the two Surahs and rub His hands over His body hoping of its blessings. So by reciting the the two Surahs, you will place yourself under the protection of Allah Azza wa Galla, and you will take a divine protection against worldly calamities and against the hereafter's calamities at the same time. 

 The cause of revelation of Surat Alnas and Surat Alfalaq was mentioned in Surat Alfalaq, and our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him said when the two Surahs has been revealed to Him: that they are the like of which has not seen before, and they has not been revealed even in Torah, Injil, Zabar or anywhere else in the Quran.

 Allah says in the first three verses "Say I seek refuge in the Lord of people, The King of people, The God of people", that is, He commanded us to seek refuge with three of His attributes: Lordship, Sovereignty, and Divinity, where Allah is the Lord, the King, and the God of all people, and He is the only One who can protect man from Satan whose task is to keep man away from his Lord.  

 So Allah says in the last three verses (4-6) "From evil of the whisperer, who disappears repeatedly, who whispers into the breasts of people, from among the jinn and people", where our prophet said: "there is not a single one of you except that his companion (a devil) has been assigned to him, and when His companions asked Him "what about You, O Messenger of Allah", He replied, yes, however, Allah has helped Me against him and he has accepted Islam, thus he only commanded Me to do good".

 Satan whispers into the breasts of people to do evil deeds unlike the angel who urges people to do good deeds for Our Prophet (PBUH) said that every one of us have an angel and Satan (Devil) with him, the Angel urges him to do good deeds, and the Satan whispers in his heart to do evil deeds, the Satan withdraws when Allah's name is pronounced, but when man stops remembering Allah Shaiytan (Satan) pecks with his beak to whisper into it to do evil deeds.  

 That is why Allah commanded us in Surat Ala'araf Aya (200), and Surat Fussilat Aya (36) to seek refuge in Him from the Devil where He says "And if there comes to you from Satan an evil suggestion, then seek refuge in Allah, indeed, He is The Hearing, The Knowing". So continuously remembrance of Allah makes Satan has no power over man to commit evil deeds for Allah Says in Surat Alnisaa Aya (76) "The plot of Satan has ever been weak".

No one Knows its interpretation except Allah



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