99 Names of Allah

 We are called to memorize the beautiful names of Allah or to count them according to the saying of Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in narration of Abu Hurayrah who said that the Messenger of Allah said: "Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred minus one, whoever counts and memorizes them, will enter paradise".

And we must count them in Arabic, so I will write 99 Names of Allah in Arabic and the meaning of each of them in English as following:

1- Alrahman (the Exceedingly compassionate, The Most Gracious).

2- Alrahim (The Most Merciful,Very Kind). 

3- Almalik (The King).

4- Alquduoss (The Holy, Immaculate and Very Holy).

5- Alsalam (Security and Peace Source Giver).

6- Almu'min (the Guarantor, security and faith giver).

7- Almuhaimin (full maintenance, Dominator).

8- Alaziz (the Almighty, invincible).

9- Aljabbar (the Irresistible). 

10- Almutakabbir (the majestic, Entitled to absolute excellence).

11- Alkhalik (the creator).

12- Albari (The Designer, creator properly).

13- Almusawwir (shape and forms giver).

14- Alghaffar (absolutely forgiving).

15- Alqahhar (the subduer, strict).

16- Alwahhab (the Bestower, giver of everything).

17- Alrazzaq (the Sustainer, the Provider).

18- Alfattah (the Conqueror, the victory Giver).

19- Alalim (the All-knowing, Omniscient).

20- Alqabid (the Restrainer, Narrowing).

21- Albasit (the Extender, Widening) .

22- Alkhafid (the Degrading, the Abaser) .

23- Alrafi' (the Exalter, improving) .

24- Almu'izz (the Giver of honour, respectful) .

25- Almuzill (the Giver of dishonour, Disgraceful).

26- Alsami' ( The All-hearing).

27- Albasir (The All-seeing, Omniscient).

28- Alhakam (The Judge).

29- Aladl (The Utterly Just).

30- Allatif (The Gentle,  Aware of all-secrets).

31- Alkhabir (The All Aware, Knowing of all things).

32- Alhalim (Extremely patient, The forbearing).

33- Alazim (The Magnificent, Most dignified).

34- Alghafuor (The much forgiving).

35- Alshakuor (The grateful, The Appreciative). 

36- Alaliyy (The Sublime, The most high, The ever Exalted).

37-Alkabir (The Great, The ever Great).

38- Alhafiz (The preserver, The protector).

39- Almuqit (The Nourisher, The Feeder). 

40- Alhasib (The Bringer of Judgment, The Ever Rockoner).

41- Algalil (The Majestic).

42- Alkarim (The Noble, The Bountiful).

43- Alraqib (The watchful, The Observer).

44- Almujib (The Responsive, The Accepter of invocation). 

45- Alwasi' (The Vast, The All-Embracing).

46- Alhakim (The wise).

47- Alwadud (The Lover, The Ever- Affectionate).

48- Almajid (The Glorious).

49- Alba'ith (The Resurrecter).

50- Alshahid (The Witness, The Ever-Witnessing).

51- Alhaqq (The Truth, The Reality).

52- Alwakil (The Trustee, The Advocate).

53- Alqawwiy (The Strong).

54- Almatin (The Firm ,The Steadfast).

55- Alwaliy (The Helper, The friend).

56- Alhamid (The All-Praiseworthy).

57- Almuhsi (The accounter, The Numberer of All).

58- Almubdi' (The Originator, The Producer).

59- Almuid (The Restorer, The Reinstater who brings back All).

60- Almuhyiy (The Giver of life).

61- Almumit (The Destroyer, The bringer of Death). 

62- Alhayu (The Living).

63- Alqayyum (The subsisting, The Guardian).

64- Alwajid (The Finder).

65- Almajid (The illustrious, The Magnificent).

66- Alwahid (The Unique, The Single).

67- Alahad (The Indivisible, The One).

68- Alsamad (The Eternal, The Absolute).

69- Alqader (The All-Powerful, The Omnipotent).

70- Almuqtadir (The Determiner, The Dominant, The Most Perfect in Ability).

71- Almuqaddim (The Expediter).

72- Almu'akhir (The Delayer, He who puts far away).

73- Alawwal (The First).

74- Alakhir (The Last).

75- Alzahir (The Manifest, The Outer).

76- Albbatin (The Hidden, The Inner).

77- Alwali (The Patron, The Protecting Friend).

78- Almuta'ali (The Most High, The supremely Exalted).

79- Albbarr (The Good, The Source of All goodness).

80- Altawwab (The Ever-Returning, The ever accepting of repentance).

81- Almuntaqim (The Avenger).

82- Alafuww (The pardoner, The Forgiver).

83- Alrauof (The Kind, The pitying).

84- Malik Almulk (The Owner of All sovereignty).

85- Zu-ljalali wal-ikraam (The Lord of Majesty and Generosity).

86- Almuqsit (The Equitable).

87- Aljami' (The Gatherer).

88- Alghaniyy (The Independent, The Self-Sufficient, The Free of Need).

89- Almughni (The Enricher).

90- Almani' (The Withholder, The Preventer).

91- Alddarr (The Destressor).

92- Alnafi' (The Benefactor, The Source of Good).

93- Alnuor (The Light).

94- Alhadi (The Guide).

95- Albadi' (The Incomparable).

96- Albaqi (The Everlasting, The Immutable).

97- Alwarith (The Inheritor of All).

98- Alrashid (The Guide to the Right Path).

99- Alsabuor (The Timeless, The Patient).  

Now I will write these Names as they are recited in Arabic:

"Huwa Allahu allazi la illaha illa huwa Alrahmanu, Alrahimu, Almaliku, Alquduossu, Alsalamu, Almu'minu, Almuhaiminu,  Alazizu, Aljabbaru,   Almutakabbiru, Alkhaliku, Albari, Almusawwiru Alghaffaru, Alqahharu, Alwahhabu,    Alrazzaqu,  Alfattahu,  Alalimu, Alqabidu, Albasitu, Alkhafidu,  Alrafi'u, Almu'izzu, Almuzillu, Alsami'u, Albasiru, Alhakamu, Aladlu, Allatifu,  Alkhabiru, Alhalimu, Alazimu, Alghafuoru, Alshakuoru, Alaliyyu, Alkabiru,  Alhafizu, Almuqitu, Alhasibu, Algalilu, Alkarimu, Alraqibu Almujibu, Alwasi'u, Alhakimu, Alwadudu, Almajidu, Alba'ithu, Alshahidu, Alhaqqu, Alwakilu Alqawwiyu, Almatinu, Alwaliyu, Alhamidu,  AlmuhsiAlmubdi'u, Almuidu, Almuhyiy,  Almumitu Alhayu, Alqayyumu, Alwajidu, Almajidu, Alwahidu, Alahadu, Alsamadu, Alqaderu,  Almuqtadiru, Almuqaddimu,  Almu'akhiru, Alawwalu, Alakhiru, Alzahiru, Albbatinu, Alwali, Almuta'ali, Albbarru, Altawwabu, Almuntaqimu, Alafuwwu, Alrauofu, Maliki Almulki, Zu-ljalali wal-ikraami, Almuqsitu,  Aljami'u, Alghaniyyu, Almughni, Almani'u, Alddarru, Alnnafi'u,  Alnuoru, Alhadi, Albadi',  Albaqi, Alwarithu, Alrashidu, Alsabuoru, allazi laitha kamethlehi shai-on wa huwa Alsame'au Albasir". 

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