Food and meals supplications


Allah (SWT) commanded the people in many verses of the Holy Quran to eat lawful food and what is good on the earth, and this command comes in three forms : general, exclusive, and very exclusive command. 

1- The general command: 

 the general command made for all  humanbeing as it has been stated in Surat Albaqarah when Allah made the call to the people in general and said: "O people, eat of what is lawful and good, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan (Iblis), indeed, he is to you a clear enemy".

 why Allah clarifies the enmity of Satan after his call to the humankind in general to eat lawful and good food?, that's because food is a main way of associating a partner with Allah  Almighty, and Allah does not forgive that a partner be associated with Him.

 Satan calls his party (disbelievers and polytheists) to be of the inmates of the hellfire as Allah has told us in the Holy Quran, and he calls them to releasing animals in the name of their idols, and then made that animals unlawful and forbidden, although Allah made it lawful for all humanbeing, and He has already explained in details (to us) what he He has forbidden. Also Satan calls them to mention the names of their idols when they slaughtering other animals .

2- The exclusive command:

 the exclusive command is to the believers, where Allah said to them in Surat Albaqarah: " O you who believe! eat of good and pure things we have provided you with, and render grateful to Allah, if it is indeed Him that you worship".

 Allah commands the believers to eat good and lawful food and he who has been nourished with unlawful food, Allah will not answer his supplication as our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him has told us. Then Allah commands them to be grateful and thankful to Him, and to be grateful to His favors as He has stated in Surat An-Nahl.

 Also they are called to eat from which the name of Allah has been mentioned on it, for Allah said in Surat Alan'am: "so eat of that upon which the name of Allah has been invoked, if you are believers in His verses". The believers are forbidden from eating from any animal has been slaughtered without mentioning the name of Allah on it.    

3- the very exclusive command:

 The very exclusive command is to the believers's elite for Allah says in Surat Almu'menuon: "O Messengers, eat from the good foods, and do righteous deeds, indeed, I'm of what you do All-knower".  

 This aya conveys a clear message that all Messengers were enjoined to eat lawful and pure foods as the same as the believers, and to do righteous deeds simultaneously.

food supplications

 We are not only commanded to eat good and lawful food, but also to be grateful and thankful to Allah for his favors and his gifts, and the best way to thank Allah is the way of which our prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him used to say it when having His meals, and after it.

The first thing, our prophet (PBUH) begins his food with "Bismillah", which means: in the name of Allah for it prevents Satan of taking a part in your food.

 But if you forgets to say "Bismillah" in the beginning of your meal, and remembered that while you are eating then say: "Bismillah fi aw-walehi wa akherihi"which means" in the name of Allah in the beginning and in the end of it". 

 And after your meal say: ''Alhamdu lellahi al-ladhi at'amani hadha wa razakneeh men ghayri hawlin meni wa la quwwah", which means : praise be to Allah who has fed me this (food), and has provided me with it, without any power or might on my part.


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