No prayer without it

     Its Surat Alfatihah, the opening or the essence of the Holy Quran, it must be recited in every rakhah of the prayer. On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be blessed with him), from the prophet (PBUH) who said: "a prayer performed by someone who has not recited the essence of the Quran during it is deficient, incomplete (and He repeated the word three times), someone said to Abu Hurayra; even though we are behind the Imam?, he said recite it to yourself, for I have heard the prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) say: "Allah (Mighty and Sublime be He) had said: "I have divided prayer between Myself, and my servant into two halves, and my servant shall have what he has asked for.

      When the servant says alhamdu lillahi rabbi alalameen: Allah (Mighty and Sublime be He) says: My servant has praised Me, and when he says: Alrahmani Alraheem, Allah says: My servant has extolled Me, and when he says: Maliki yawmi eddin, Allah says: My servant has glorified Me, and on one occasion He said My servant has submitted to My power, and when he says: iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta'een Allah says: this is between Me and My servant, and My servant shall have what he asked for, and when he says: ihdina alsirata almustaqeem, sirata alladhina an'amta alayhim, ghayri elmaghdubi alayhim wa la ddallin, Allah says: this is for My servant, and My servant shall have what he has asked for.

      Surat Alfatihah comprises of seven verses, of these, the first three are in praise of Allah, while the last three contains a request or a prayer on the part of man, which Allah Himself has, in His infinite Mercy, taught him, the verse in between the two sets has both the features, there is an aspect of praise and another of prayer.

 Alfatihah in English 

     "With the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful (1), all praise and thanks be to Allah, Lord of the worlds (2), the most Gracious, the most Merciful(3), the Master of the day of judgement (4), you alone we worship, and you alone we ask for help (5), guide us to the straight path (6), the path of those you have bestowed your favors on them not of those who earned your wrath on themselves, and not of those who go astray (7)".

Alfatihah in Arabic 

 When someone recites Alfatihah in his prayer, it must be in Arabic, which is:

      "Bismi ellahi Alrahmani Alraheem (1), alhamdu lillahi rabbi rabbi alalameen(2), Alrahmani Alraheem (3), Maliki yawmi eddin (4), iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta'een (5), ihdina alsirata almustaqeem (6), sirata alladhina an'amta alayhim ghayri almaghdubi alayhim wa la addallin(7)".

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