What to say when you go to bed

1- Allah's Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) said to Albaraa bin Azib: "When you want to go to bed, perform ablution as you do for prayer,  then lie down on your right side and say:

 "Allahumma aslamtu nafsi ilaika, wa wajahtu wajhi ilaika, wa fawwadtu amri ilaika wa alja'tu zahri ilaika,  raghbatann wa rahbatann ilaika, la malja'a wa la manja menka ella ilaika, amantu be ketabeka allazi anzalta wa be nabiekka allazi arsalta".

its meaning:

My Lord! I submit my life to You, I turn towards You, and leave my work unto You, I lean on You, desire your boons and fear You as there is no other salvation besides You, I believe in the book  (Quran) You have revealed and in the prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) You have sent.

its reward:

Our prophet said to Albaraa: if you should die then after reciting this you will die on the religion of Islam (as a Muslim); so let these words be the last you say before going to bed.

And while Albaraa was memorizing it, he said: ''wa be rasuolika allazi arsalta" (in Your Messenger whom You have sent). then our prophet said to him: No, but say: wa be nabieka allazi arsalts ( in Your prophet whom You have sent).

2- The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:  "When anyone of you go to bed, he should shake out his bed with the inside of his waist sheet, for he does not know what has come on to it after him, and then he should say:

"Bismika Rabbi wada'tu janbi wa bika arfa'uhu in amsakta nafsi farhamha, wa in arsaltaha fahfazha bima tahfazu bihi ibadeka as-salihin".

its Meaning: 

 "O my Lord, I have taken Your name and placed my self on my side, and by Your power will rise up again. If You take my soul whilst I am sleeping (grant me death) then forgive me, and if You leave me (let me live ) by Your power protect me by that with which You have protected Your righteous servants".

3- Whenever Allah's Messenger went to bed, He used to blow in His hands while reciting the mu'auwidhat (surat Alfalaq and surat An-nas) , and then pass His hands over His body.

4- Whenever the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him intended to go to bed, He would recite:

      ''Bismika Allahumma amutu wa ahya" With Your name, O Allah, I die and I live". 

5- When Fatima (The prophet's daughter) complained about the blisters on Her hand because of using a mill-stone. She went to ask the Prophet (PBUH) for servant, but She did not find Him at home, and had to inform Aisha of Her need. When He came Aisha informed Him about it,  Ali added: The prophet (PBUH) came to us when We had gone to our beds, when I was going to get up, He said: stay in your places, and sat between us till I felt the coolness of the feet on my chest, The Prophet then said: shall I not tell you of a thing which is better for you than a servant?. When you both go to your beds say: Allahu Akbbar (Allah is the most great)  thirty-three times and Subhan Allah (glory to be Allah) thirty-three times, and Alhamdu lellah (praise be to Allah) thirty- three times for that is better for you than a servant.

Ibn Seereen said: Subhan Allah is to be said for thirty-four times.


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