88- Surat Alghashyiah

26 Verses Meccan (revealed in Mecca)

A'auzu Bellahi mena ash-shytani ar-rajim

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan

Bismi Ellahi Ar-rhmani Ar-rahim

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Hal ataka hadithuo Alghashyiah (1).
Has there come to You the news of Alghashyiah?.

Wujuhun yawma-izin khashe'ah (2).
Some faces that day will be humble.

Amelatun nassebah (3).
laboring, exhausted.

Tassla naran hamyiah (4).
Will burn in a hot fire.

Tusqa men ayinin anyiah (5).
Be watered from a boiling spring.

Laytha lahum ta'amun ella men daree'' (6).
No food for them, except from daree''.

La yousmenuo wa la youghni men jou'' (7).
Neither nourishes, nor avails from hunger.

Wujuhun yawma-izin na'emah (8).
Some faces that day will be blissful.

Lee sa'yeha radiah (9).
Satisfied with their endeavor.

Fee janatin alyiah (10).
In a sublime garden.

La tasma'uo feeha laghyiah (11).
Will hear no vain speech therein.

Feeha aynon jaryiah (12)
A flowing spring therein. 

Feeha sururun marfoua'h (13).
An elevated thrones therein.

Wa akwabun mawduoa'h (14).
And a placed cups.

Wa namarquo masfuofah (15).
And arrayed cushions.

Wa zarrabiyuo mabthothah (16).
And a spread out carpets.

Afala yanzuruona ella alebeli kaifa khuleqat (17).
Then do they did not look how the camels are created?.

Wa ella alsama'e kaifa ruofe'at (18).
And towards the sky, how it is raised?.

Wa ella aljebali kaifa nuossebat (19).
And towards the mountain, how they are erected?.

Wa ella alardi kaifa suotehat (20).
And towards the earth, how it is leveled?.

Fa zakker innama atnta muzakker (21).
So remind, you are a reminder.

Lasta alayihim be-mussayiter (22).
You are not a controller over them.

Ella man tawalla wa kaffar (23).
Except he who turns away and disbelieves.

Fa you-azebuhuo Allahu alazaba alakbar (24).
Then Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment.

Enna ellayina eyabahum (25).
verily, to Us is their return.

Thumma enna alayina hisabahum (26).
Then verily, upon Us is their account. 

Simplified interpretation:

 Surat Alghashyiah describes the fate of man on the day of resurrection, there will be the companions of Hellfire, and the companions of paradise; they are the disbelievers and the believers, and man's face will be a mirror of his fate, then Allah called man to think of His creations which carries many signs that indicate His greatness and His power, and then He commanded His Messenger to remind people about the events of that day, and Allah confirms in the last two verses that their return and their recompense is to Him alone.

 Allah says to His Messenger in the first verse "Has there come to You the news of Alghashyiah?" as acknowledgment of its affliction, and its terror, and Alghashyiah is one of the names of the day of resurrection, and it was called Alghashyiah because its torment overwhelms people, then people will divided into two groups; the first one is the companions of Hellfire and Allah describes them and their recompense in the verses (2-7) and says that their faces will be humble, and they will be laboring, weary and exhausted for they will burn in a hot fire, and their drink will be a boiling water which comes from a spring in Hellfire, and Allah says about their drink in Surat Muhammad Aya (15): "And will be given boiling water to drink, and it will tear their bowels into pieces", and their food will be from daree'', which Neither nourishes them, nor avails them from hunger, and it was said that daree" refers to Alshabraq (Restharrows) plant where the Arabs used to call it daree'' when it becomes dry, and it is a bitter and thorny plant.

 But as for the second group, its different for they are the companions of paradise, and Allah describes them and their reward in the verses (8-16) where He said that their faces that day will be blissful, And Allah says about their faces in Surat Almutafifin (Aya 24): "You will recognize in their faces the freshness of bliss", and they will be satisfied with their endeavor in the worldly life for their reward will be a sublime garden, where they will hear no vain speech therein, that is, they will not hear foul or unnecessary speech in paradise and this verse is similar to many verses in the holy Quran (Alwaqiah 25, Maryam 62, Alttur 23). They will find all means of comfort prepared for them; there is a flowing spring, an elevated thrones, a placed cups, arrayed cushions, and a spread out carpets in paradise.

 Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in narration of Abu Hurayrah that Allah says in Alhadith Alqudsi: "I have prepared for My righteous servants what no eyes has seen, and no ear has heard, and not has occurred to human heart, thus recite if you wish Aya (17) of Surat Alsajdah ''And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort for eyes as reward for what they used to do".

 Then Allah called man to think of His wonderful creations in the next four verse (17-20), as if He were drawing an aesthetic picture of the environment in which the Holy Quran was revealed, where He says in verse (17) "Then do they did not look how the camels are created?", Allah mentions the example of camels as they gather all the benefits of other animals which was stated in surat Alnahl Ayat (5-7) where Allah says: "And the grazing livestock He has created for you; in them is warmth and numerous benefits and from them you eat, and for you in them is the enjoyment of beauty when you bring them in for the evening and when you send them out pasture, and they carry your loads to a land you could not have reached except with difficulty to yourselves, indeed, your Lord is kind and Merciful". 

 And Allah called them to think of the creation of the sky, and how it was raised without pillars, and this Aya (18) is similar to the verse number (2) of Surat Alrra'd where He says: "It is Allah who raised the heavens without pillars that you can see", and He shows us His power which indicates His kindness and His mercy in Surat Alhajj Aya (65) and says: "And He restrains the sky from falling upon the earth, unless by His permission".

 Mountains are also a sign of Allah's power, where He commanded man to look how they are erected Aya (19), and He made it as He has said in Surat Alnaba' Aya (7), "as pegs" to remain anchored, and for the peg to remain stable, the part inside the earth must be larger than the one above it, and this in turn works on the balance and stability of the earth which is also a sign for he who give thought, where Allah leveled it for man (Aya 20), where Allah stated in many verses of the holy Quran that He has placed therein firm mountains lest it should shake with man, and He made rivers and tracks, and made for him therein ways of livelihood. 

 Allah commanded His Messenger to remind his people and says to Him in the verses (21,22): "So remind, you are a reminder, You are not a controller over them", that is, The role of Our Prophet is to preach his people, and to frightens them from Allah's torment and punishment, and Allah said to Him is Surat Alqassas Aya (56): "And most of mankind will not believe even if you desire it eagerly".

 So there will be he who turns away and disbelieves, and as he denies Allah's signs, and denies the resurrection, Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment in the hereafter, and surely, He will return to Allah, and He alone will recompense him (Ayat 23-26).

No one Knows its interpretation except Allah


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