101- Surat Alqari'ah

11 Verses Meccan (revealed in Mecca)

A'auzu Bellahi mena ash-shytani ar-rajim

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan

Bismi Ellahi Ar-rhmani Ar-rahim

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Alqari'ah (1).

Ma Alqari'ah (2).
What is Alqari'ah?.

Wama addraka ma Alqari'ah (3).
And what will make you know what Alqari'ah is?.

Yawmma yakunuo an-nasuo kal-farashi almabthoth (4).
It is the day when people shall be like scattered butterflies.

Wa takunuo aljebaluo kal-ehni almanfuosh (5).
And the mountains will be like fluffed up wool.

Fa amma man thaqulat muazeenuh (6).
As for the one whose scales are heavy.

Fahuwa fi eishateen radiah (7).
Then he will be in a satisfied life.

Wa amma man khaffat muazeenuh (8).
And as for the one whose scales are light.

Fa ummuhu hawyyah (9).
As for his mother will be Alhawyyah .

Wama addraka ma heyah (10).
And what will make you know what it is?.

Narrun hameyah (11).
It is a blazing fire.

Simplified interpretation:

 Alqari'ah is one of the names of the day of resurrection, and the Arabs used to call the terrible calamity with Alqari'ah, so the second and the third verses comes to confirm how it is very terrible, by the question form in both verses, as if Allah says to us How very terrible it is, and as if He says to His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) what will make you know how very severe and destructive Alqari'ah is.

 And Allah describes some scenes that will happen on that day, Where He says in the fourth verse "It is the day when people shall be like scattered butterflies", that is, mankind as a result of what is happening to them, they will be in a great disaster, and then they will not be able to control their coming and their going, and they will ride one another and walk around each other, so they will be like scattered butterflies. 

 On that day the mountains will be like fluffed up wool Aya (5). and it was said that Mountains will move on the earth and they will be in the form of the dust, and it was mentioned in a similar Aya in Surat Alma'arij (10): ''And the mountains will be like wool".  

 Then Allah describes the scene of scales, where He has said in Surat Alanbiyaa Aya (47): "And We shall place scales of justice on the day of resurrection, so that no soul will be dealt with unjustly in anything, and if there is even the weight of a grain of mustard seed, We will bring it forth. and sufficient are We as Accountant". 

 So all people will be brought before the scales of justice for the weighing of their deeds, then they will be divided into two groups; the first one is the ones whose scales are heavy, they are the believers whose their good deeds more than their bad deeds, and as a reward for that they will be in a satisfied life which is a pleasant life in paradise as it was mentioned in the sixth and the seventh verses.

 But as for the second group, they were described from the eighth verse until the end of the current Surah, they are the ones whose scales are light because their bad deeds are more than their good deeds, and as a recompense for their evil deeds, Allah has made Alhawyyah is the mother of them, and Alhawyyah refers to the Hellfire as it was mentioned in the last verse "it is a blazing fire".

 So Alhawyyah (Abyss) became their abode, just as a woman shelters her son, since they had no other shelter, so it will be a mother for them, and it will be a fire of intensely hot .

No one Knows its interpretation except Allah

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