A message from Allah for you

    O children of Adam, do not let Satan tempt you as he had removed your parents from paradise, stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts, verily, he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them, verily, we have made satans allies to those who do not believe (Ala'araf 27). 

     Allah warns you against satan and his tribe, and He tells you not to let him put you in trouble in the same way as he turned your parents from paradise, and he has old enmity with Adam and Hawwa (Eve) for he said to Allah in a conversation between Allah and him : Do you see this one whom you have honored and placed over me?, if you grant me respite till the day of resurrection, I will surely destroy his progeny (descendants) except for a few.

     Satan is a manifest enemy, and he only wants to misguide you and take you with him to the hellfire,  so you must be even more hostile towards him for Allah said: indeed, Satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy, he only invite his party (his followers) to be among the companions of the blaze (hellfire), those who disbelieve will have a severe punishment; and those who believe and do righteous deeds will have forgiveness and a great reward. 

     Allah makes Satan's enmity clear for you, and He asks you in another verse: will you then take him (satan) and his offspring (progeny) as allies other than Me, while they are your enemies?, what an evil is the exchange for the unjust. 







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