Do you want comfort in your life and in the hereafter?.

    If you want comfort in your life and in the hereafter, you must offer the prayer at its proper time, our prophet (PBUH) said: O Bilal, call Iqamah for the prayer, give us comfort by it, and He said:"My comfort has been provided in prayer".

    The prayer is supreme among all the worships, and obligations in it's own right, and is a pillar to the religion, surely prayer restrains from shamelessness and evil. Here shamelessness refers to all those shameless and obscene acts, and utterances that are regarded bad and vile in all societies, no matter Islamic or non-Islamic, for instance adultery, murder, abduction, robbery, lying, etc, and evil refers to that act or utterance on which there is unanimity of opinion of all religion jurists as being impermissible (Muharramat) .

    The two words shamelessness and evil encompass in them all the crimes, and sins, which are mischievous by themselves and a great hurdle in the way of righteous deeds, there is a peculiar effect of the establishment of prayer that whoever performs it stops committing sins, the one who establishes prayer Allah Azza wa Galla graces him with divine help to tread the righteous path and to keep away from all types of sins, but if someone does not get rid of sins despite offering prayers, then there is some flaw in his prayers, for our prophet said: "if anyone prayer didn't stop him from his sins, then his prayer is nothing.

    As the prayer has a great influence in our worldly life, its also has a great influence in the hereafter "every soul, for what it has earned, will be retained except the companions of the right, who will be in gardens, questioning each other about the criminals and asking them: what put you into Saqar (hell-fire), they will say: we were not of those who prayed, nor did we used to fead the poor, and we used to enter into vain discourse with those who engaged in it, and we used to deny the day of recompense, until there came to us the certainty" (Almudather 48-47).

    Here our prophet (PBUH) said: "the first thing about which the people will be called to account out of their actions on the day of judgement is prayer, our Lord, the exalted, will say to the angels though He knows better, look into the prayer of my servant and see whether he has offered it perfectly or imperfectly, if it is perfect, that will be recorded perfect, if it is defective, He will say: see there are some optional prayers (supererogatory) offered by my servant, if there are optional prayer to his credit, He will say compensate the obligatory prayer by the optional prayer for my servant, then all the actions will be considered similarly.

    And our prophet said: Allah, the exalted, has made five prayers obligatory, if anyone performs ablution for them well, offers them at their right time, and observes perfectly their bowing and submissiveness in them, it is guarantee of Allah that He will pardon him, if anyone does not do so, there is no guarantee for him on the part of Allah, He may pardon him if He wills and punish him if He wills.

    Allah, the exalted says: "son of Adam don't be helpless in performing four rakhahs for Me at the beginning of the day, I will supply what you need till the end of it, and the Messenger of Allah said: the angels keep on asking Allah's forgiveness for anyone of you as long as he is at his praying place (Mussala), and he does not path wind (hadath), they say O Allah, forgive him, O Allah, be merciful to him, so that it is from the Hadith: "there is nothing between a person and disbelief except abandoning prayer (salah).



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